Products & Services

Products & Services

Woven Woods

Similar in design and function to roman shades. Materials include wood slats, bamboo, match stick, and grass cloth. Colors range from white to black and natural to walnut. Woven woods can be lined for privacy or black out. All woven woods can be made top/down bottom/up and include a valance of the same material. Panel track woven woods are also available for sliding doors and larger windows.

Skylights, Arches and Trapezoids

Skylights made from cellular shades run open and closed on side tracks for easy care free operation.  Shutters can also be used in skylight windows. Arches and trapezoids windows can be covered with cell shades, shutters, pleated shades, 2″ slatted wood, or even drapery or sheer material. The style and type chosen would coordinate with the existing window covering and dècor already in the home.

Sheer Shades

Fabric horizontal slats with sheer material front and back create an elegant and high end look. Slats open for a filtered sheer view or raised completely for a clear view. Slat sizes are 2", 2 1/2" or 3″. Vertical sheer shades are also an option.Motorization is an option for sheer shades.

Rollershades/Screen Shades

Very popular these days, Roller shades have made a comeback.  They are available in light filtering treated cotton, black out vinyl, and an assortment of textures ranging from queen Ann patterns to tropical grass cloth. Screen shades are made from a vinyl coated fiberglass or polyester weave. They are designed to filter the sun with a 0% to 20% openness factor. All roller and screen shades can be raised and lowered easily with beaded chain and clutch system These shades are ideal for residential or commercial applications. Motorization is also available.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be made as a flat pleat or as a water fall style or hobbled pleat. Some of the roman shades I do are of a complete custom design. The fabric texture, color, pleat size, solids or prints is designed to fit the client’s decor style and color scheme. With or without lining, cord lock or cord cleat. Roman shades can be designed to fit any style of home. There are many out of the book roman shades available. Top/down bottom/up and cord free are available options.

Panel Track

2 to 3 foot wide panels that slide on multiple tracks. Made with roller shade or woven wood materials.  Tracks are most often covered with a valance of the same material as the sliding panels. Great for patio doors or larger picture windows You’re neighbor probably does not have them!

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Fabric shades that are superior insulators.  Can be sheer, translucent or black out materials. Top/Down Bottom up, cord loop and cord free are all available.  Motorization with a hand held remote is a popular option.

Plantation Shutters

Manufactured from scratch in Salt Lake City to insure a proper fit. This is Not a ready-made product. Furniture quality finish, mortise and tenon joints, tight gaps and a written lifetime warranty. Louvers range in size from 1 7/8″ to 5 ½”. Plantation shutters are excellent insulators, low maintenance, very functional, add value to a home and are a very desirable window covering. Materials available include PVC, MDF, Basswood, Clear Alder and Knotty Alder. Arches of any shape, trapezoids, oval and hexagonal windows are no problem. Split Tilt, Vista (no stick), cafè style and grand molding are some options. Custom paint and stain is also available.

Vertical Blinds

Offered in 3½” louver width. Smooth or textured, curved or S curved. PVC Vertical blinds provide a very versatile operation by tilting open and closed and by drawing open like a drapery. They are contemporary, clean looking and very low maintenance. All Vertical blinds at Rocky Mountain Design include a self aligning headrail, valance with dust cover and a lifetime parts warranty. Many patterns, colors and styles are available.

Repair and Refurbish

Most of the time blinds and shades can be repaired and/or refurbished cheaper than buying new. A great way to save a buck! I can restring, reladder, clean, replace tilt gears, clutches, repair or replace vertical blind head-rails or slats, and touch up chipping and peeling wood blinds or shutters with paint or stain.


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